CrossFit classes are one hour long group sessions, designed for all abilities as they can be scaled and modified for every individual.

These classes will start off with an extensive warm up to get you prepared for action. You then may do some strength training or skills practise where you will be coached and guided throughout. The last part of the session will be the WOD (workout of the day). The WODs are scaled and modified for every individual depending on their capabilities and fitness levels. Your coaches will be there to guide and coach you every step of the way throughout the class. Safety and correct form takes priority over intensity.

This class will be based on the Olympic lifts; clean & jerk, and snatch. One movement will be focused on each week in detail. All abilities are welcome. There will be no WOD (work out of the day) in this session, the whole time will be focused on the lifts. Only those possessing a monthly membership can book into this class.



Open gym is not a class based session. You can come and use the gym at your own leisure. There will be no instruction. Although this is not a class based session, there will always be a coach around if you need to ask any questions or need help with anything. Open gym is only available to those who have done at least six of our regular CrossFit classes and hold a monthly membership.

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